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Become a New Patient

Join us on this holistic journey...

Welcome to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Healing Center. To ensure your experience is relaxing and produces optimal results, we want to take the time to explain a few preliminary office procedures.

  • Please fill out and sign our downloadable forms before your appointment.

  • Each patient is required to sign an original Arbitration and Consent to Treatment form at the time of your appointment. These forms are required by our malpractice insurance carrier.

  • Our office does not typically bill any insurance carrier directly or a business manager, etc. If your insurance does provide acupuncture coverage, we are happy to prepare a claim for you to submit at convenient intervals.

  • Payment in full is required at the time services are rendered. We accept major credit cards, checks, and cash.

  • Parking: there is on-street or underground visitor parking available. If you do choose to park on the street, please note that there are posted restrictions in most areas.

  • Treatment time: we ask that you allow adequate time for an effective treatment. Please allow yourself 1 ½ hours for the first visit, and 1 hour for each subsequent treatment.

  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing to the appointment. (In most cases, the practitioner can administer the treatment by shifting your clothing or asking you to remove some articles. If your treatment necessitates fully undressing, we will always make you feel as comfortable as possible.) 

  • For your own safety, please maintain good personal hygiene. Before coming to your acupuncture appointment, it is important to shower - especially if you have been engaging in any physical activity or during warm weather.

  • We recommend a small healthy snack approximately 1 hour before your treatment. Skipping meals before your treatment may cause you to feel dizzy or light-headed. Following your treatment, you are advised to drink ample room temperature or warm water.

  • New Patient Paperwork can be accessed by clicking the PDF button below and follow the instructions:

  1. Open the file and download it to your computer​

  2. Fill it up using Adobe Acrobat Reader (free and safe download)

  3. SAVE the file

  4. Send it to:

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