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Biao Lu, L.Ac., O.M.D.

     Dr. Biao Lu has been practicing acupuncture since 1984. As a special privilege for being the top student in his class, he was awarded the chance to study specialized acupuncture techniques with several world-renowned acupuncturists – Professor Zheng Kui Shan, with whom he further refined his acupuncture techniques, and Professor Yang Jia San, one of the premier acupuncturists in China who was featured in Bill Moyer’s ‘Healing and the Mind’ program on PBS. During this time, he learned special acupuncture techniques known as “Setting the Mountain on Fire” and “Penetrating Heaven’s Coolness” – two techniques rarely practiced in the West, but which are extremely effective for immunological and neurological disorders, as well as all types of pain conditions that have not been alleviated through other healing modalities. Before coming to Los Angeles, Dr. Lu was the Chief Acupuncture Physician at Dong Zhi Men Hospital in Beijing, which was featured in Bill Moyer’s ‘Mysteries of Qi’ series. Dr. Lu is an expert in QiGong healing and specializes in male infertility, dermatology, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, asthma, and all kinds of pain conditions.

Dr. Biao Bill Lu Licensed Acupuncturist

“Achieving success in healing is like achieving success in life. To succeed in healing, as in life, one must have clarity, patience and unshakeable faith.”  - Dr. Biao Lu

Dr. Shiaoting Jing Licensed Acupuncturist in Los Angeles, California

Shiaoting Jing, Ph.D., O.M.D.

     Dr. Shiao-Ting Jing comes from a family whose knowledge of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine stretches back many generations. She has a passion for the profound philosophy and practice of this medicine and its ability to balance body, mind, and spirit. She was interested in healing from childhood, and after graduating from an eight-year O.M.D. training program, decided to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. She apprenticed with Dr. Zhang Ren Yi, a seventh-generation Ob/Gyn specialist, and gained great success in treating gynecological issues as a young doctor.

     After losing a close family member to an autoimmune condition, she pursued further training in this area, apprenticing with the notable Professors Shang Xin Men and Lu Ren He at Dong Zhi Men Hospital in Beijing. She was engaged in award-winning research studies as well as clinical practice in using TCM to treat kidney failure, deepening her knowledge of herbology. She became a teacher, intern supervisor,  and a chief physician at Beijing Immunology Hospital.

     Upon coming to Los Angeles, Dr. Jing completed her Ph.D. at American Liberty University in Fullerton, California.  Dr. Jing’s practice emphasizes gynecology, infertility, autoimmune disorders and pediatrics, as well as issues in general practice.

Both Dr. Jing and Dr. Lu are on the faculty of Yo San University in Los Angeles and Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica. They have maintained a practice in the Los Angeles & Santa Monica area for over twenty years.

“The most skilled doctor studies people first and medicine second, to maintain each patient at their highest state of physical and spiritual balance.”  - Dr. Shiaoting Jing

Miao Miao, L.Ac DAOM

Miao is the current faculty member of Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine teaching Chinese Herbal Formulas. She has a strong background in the Ancient Chinese language and philosophy that built up her unique and critical thinking of philosophy and wisdom, the foundation of Chinese medicine. Growing up with this medicine, the idea of healing and disease prevention happening in every meal and breath was deeply rooted in her blood. Through the years of studies at Yo San Traditional Chinese Medicine University blessed by a non-stopped 39th Generations Ni family inherited TCM practice, Miao explored a further and deeper view of Daoism meditation, Qi Gong, and Longevity medicine and nutrition. Miao sees every patient as some part unique even with the same disease or same condition, and the patient’s inner balance is also changing along with emotional status or environmental energy shifting. Therefore, she always treats patients “at the moment”.

Miao received her MATCM from Yo San University of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and is continuing her Doctoral at Yo San specializing in Women’s Health. She also got Tan Balancing acupuncture training with Dr. Sonia Tan, Master Tung points, and 5-elements acupuncture technique with Dr. Neil R Gumenick. Miao has followed Dr. Huabing Wen to learn Classic Shang Han Schools in depth as well as TCM oncology, neurology, and internal medicine.


Miao believes TCM is a perfect balance and combination of Science and Art, we must be accurate on the degree of Yin and Yang, timing, qi direction, dosage, and combinations. Meanwhile, we can always be creative on apply Yin Yang, 5- elements theory in patients’ care. Miao can always provide her patients suggestions to use sound, smell, taste, color, material, and exercise to adjust their living environment and daily routine, eventually achieving a dynamic balance body physically, mentally spiritually, and harmonizing with the environment.

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