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"I suffered from severe anxiety & stress along with chronic tiredness and low energy due to having Thalassemia Minor and low blood sugar. Dr. Lu’s combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs gave me almost immediate results. Within 2 months my anxiety completely subsided, and at the same time, my energy level started becoming more and more consistent every day. These treatments have helped to detoxify my liver, build my immune system, and promote a more normal pancreatic function. I feel better than ever!! Dr. Lu has helped my mind, body, & soul feel stronger & healthier overall." -Greg




"I had been catching everyone's colds [and] feeling run down and weak. Dr. Lu diagnosed me with a weak immune system and promptly started acupuncture treatment supplemented with herbal pills. I was exhausted for the first 2 days after my first treatment. Then, over the following 2 months, my health steadily improved. Today I have renewed energy and feel back to my old self again. Currently, Dr. Lu is treating me for ulcerative colitis. This chronic condition is slowly improving with acupuncture and herbs. As a first time patient, I am pleased with Dr. Lu's patience, care, and concern for his patients." - First Time Patient




"Over a decade ago, I was sent to Dr. Biao Lu by my orthopedist following a severe elevator accident. I am drug sensitive and have become ill from many prescription drugs, which prohibits me from taking most pain pills. Dr. Lu expedited the healing of my injuries by half the estimated time through acupuncture and a Chinese herbal program. Of course, after that positive experience, I have continued with Dr. Lu for treatments from the common cold to recovering from serious auto accidents, all with the same thorough results. The acupuncture needles are painless, and Dr. Lu is the most knowledgeable and empathetic gentleman. His goal has always been clear to me: To get me well and on my independent way. I am most grateful for his past and continued help as needed." - Diana L.




"Doctor Lu's acupuncture and herbal treatments created a "surprising" improvement in my blood sugar in just four weeks, according to tests conducted by my western doctor. It is the first step in what I believe will be a complete cure for my recently diagnosed ‘incurable’ adult diabetes. " - Allan M.




"I was homebound for 5 months suffering from heart and kidney weakness. Thanks to Dr Lu's profound understanding of the human body, medical experience, expertise , encouragement, support, and superior knowledge of herbal preparations , I am now able to enjoy an extraordinary level of good health. I consider the care I have received from Dr. Lu to be the best medical care money can buy. I think he is wonderful." -Gabrielle W. “The acupuncture experience at TCM Healing Center is valuable because 1) There are no harmful side effects, 2) It is relaxing and reassuring, 3) It shows concern for the individual human being as a person of feelings and opinions.” – With gratitude, John




“Dr. Biao Lu is a mild mannered, modest man with impeccable qualifications. He was trained in China and is a highly respected acupuncturist. I myself had much reservation about going to someone who was not an M.D., but now that I have been going to him for many years, I feel I can recommend him to someone who is very skeptical and tell them: Acupuncture really works! He has helped me with a spur in my heel that I had for over two years. No M.D. was able to cure the pain. I’ve discovered acupuncture can help with one’s stress, sleep, arthritis, and one’s immune system, when one gets run down. I’m not one to take medicine unless it is absolutely necessary. I’ve discovered that acupuncture is a relatively painless procedure, and the results are just amazing. I am not in any way, shape, or form being paid to say this.” – Joan




"I have been a patient of TCM Healing Center for a few months. When I first came to your office, I had several issues that were unresolvable from other traditional doctor visits. Once I started my acupuncture sessions and began drinking the herbal tea, I began to feel better within a few days. My anxiety has lessened, the skin irritation on my face [has] cleared up, and I’ve stopped smoking. I highly recommend TCM Healing Center to anyone with any issues - whatever they are. I also want to say that I was treated so nicely and in such a caring manner. The Dr. called me regularly to see how I was doing, and I thought that this was very admirable." - Robyn S.




“Twenty-nine years ago I began to experience bladder pain and frequency of urination. As the months progressed, my symptoms became worse and worse to the point where I was getting no sleep and having the need to urinate every 10 minutes all night. This was also the case during the day. Because of the severity of the symptoms, this condition restricted my activities in all ways. Additionally, the pain I was experiencing became worse and worse to the point of having violent attacks akin to electrical shocks being discharged in my bladder and urethra. I went through much of my savings trying to get help for this condition with no diagnosis or symptomatic relief. Highly invasive diagnostic tests requiring hospitalization and anesthesia with prolonged recovery time were recommended, and other highly invasive medical treatments were offered in the way of steroidal cocktails injected into the bladder and oral painkillers/steroids. Antibiotics taken at first (because it seemed like there was an infection) made the symptoms much worse. To make matters even more unpleasant, seven or eight years into this bladder condition, I began to develop painful menstruation with growths that turned out to be fibroids, with a complete hysterectomy as recommended treatment. After going to seven different doctors, I opted out of the medical mainstream and pursued several holistic alternatives, including Chinese medicine. I went to various practitioners with no help until I started coming to see you weekly for acupuncture and herbs. After the first week I began to have a lessening of my symptoms. After having worked with you for some months, Dr. Lu, my quality of life began to return. This is after twenty-nine years of horrible depression, anxiety, and tears, never knowing when I would have one of these attacks, never being able to make plans to go anywhere with this ongoing, relentless pain and the bladder symptoms I’ve described above. My fibroids have shrunk down to where I can no longer find them when I palpate my abdomen and they no longer press on and irritate my bladder and other organs. I have occasional bladder pain (about 4 x per month) but no more violent attacks. I only have to get up 1-2 times per night to go to the bathroom at this point. This enables me to finally get some invigorating rest and sleep. I am pain-free in general and I now engage in many activities I haven’t been able to enjoy for years. After three years, I still come to see you once weekly for acupuncture and herbs, and for your gentle treatments that take about an hour and actually get me results – this is nothing compared to the time and money I’ve wasted on Western medical care. Your grateful student and friend,” - Pamela




"For me, acupuncture has been a great compliment to Western medical treatment. I decided to try acupuncture after 6 months of chemotherapy and it really helped me gain my strength and wellness. It has also worked wonders on aches and pains from martial arts and other exercise. I have never felt better. Thanks," - Corey




"I came to TCM 6 months ago. I have dry macular degeneration. In a few weeks, I already noticed improvements. I started seeing sharper images of objects with lots of color. And, as far as my central vision, I noticed small dots of light appearing in the center of the dark areas, and that is a great improvement in my vision. Although it's a time consuming treatment, I have faith in it because I have faith in natural healing without using any drugs or chemicals. Thank you." - Aldo H. 




"I was diagnosed 10 years ago with peripheral neuropathy - an incurable degenerative nerve disease. Over the years I consulted at least two dozen (Western) doctors - I wasn't looking for any great miracle, just relief and maybe some hope. Ten years later... I found what I was looking for in the first ten minutes at TCM Healing Center, where every treatment with Dr. Lu is a small miracle. There is hope after all." - Patient M.




"With a creatinine blood level of 5 and informed by nephrologists that damage to the kidney was irreversible and would only get worse, I was asked to select the form of dialysis that would become necessary. When I learned that the UN World Health Organization indicated that Chinese acupuncture and Chinese Medicine was helpful for bladder and kidney problems, I looked for and found Dr. Lu to help me with my kidney problem. With his assistance my creatinine blood level has been brought down to below 2 and has been stable at that level now for years. Dr Lu is an expert in what he does and is everything you'd want a doctor to be like but not easy to find. He has also helped my wife and daughter who had other types of problems. He is a positive person with great understanding and ability to deal properly with the people who seek out his services." - Fred K.




"I would like to tell my story about a wonderful experience that I have had and continue to have at TCM Healing Center with Dr. Biao Lu. Finding this acupuncture center has been the best thing that has happened to me medically since my diagnosis with MS in the early 1990's. The office is clean and professional with a friendly staff who respects their clients and maintains good confidentiality. The atmosphere is comfortable in both the waiting room and in the treatment rooms. There is complete privacy and confidentiality. I first met Dr. Lu in the year 2000. He is a very knowledgeable man and an excellent doctor. His attitude is pleasant yet professional, and I respect his opinions. I find him to be very attuned to his patients’ needs, both physically and psychologically. He always takes the time to thoroughly understand what the problem is before beginning treatment, and I have great trust in his ability to heal many different problems. Over the years I have been in for my regular appointments for multiple sclerosis, as well as other painful and debilitating conditions. My primary symptoms that have been treated in the past 7 years are for my multiple sclerosis. I have Relapsing Remitting MS; pain is a big factor with my particular illness. I find that after having a treatment, which normally lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, that my pain is much less bothersome, my balance is better, and I have a sense of overall well-being. Medically speaking, I was on a downhill path before meeting Dr. Lu. MRIs showed that I had over 30 lesions in my brain, and I was very afraid for my future. My most recent MRIs have just been done and although I still have the same number of lesions, the miraculous thing is that in the past 6 years there has been NO CHANGE in the quantity or size of the pre-existing lesions. I feel that seeing Dr. Lu on a regular basis has helped to keep my MS under control. It is not a cure, but it has been a lifesaver! If I can continue to remain stable by having acupuncture treatments on a regular schedule, then I will see Dr. Lu for as long as he is practicing. Thank you Dr. Lu - you have made a significant difference in my Life!!!" - Your Happy Patient, Leslie




"I have been a patient at TCMHC since Sept 2000. I have been coming for acupuncture therapy every week since. I have a chronic medical condition, Relapsing-Remitting MS (Multiple Sclerosis). With RRMS, doctors talk about how many relapses you have per year. But I have not had a relapse since I started seeing Dr. Lu for acupuncture therapy. My balance, walking ability, and endurance have improved greatly. I have had no increase in brain lesions since starting acupuncture. Dr. Lu and acupuncture have changed my life. I also work out 3-4 times per week and take Copaxone. All three of these help me manage my MS. I believe acupuncture has made the most difference because with better mobility and a brighter outlook, there are fewer life limitations. Dr. Lu, the following is a comment I made in a recent NARCOMS survey (North American Committee On Multiple Sclerosis): After my last relapse in 2000, I started acupuncture and have continued it once a week for 7 years. That, plus the Copaxone and weight training, have made all the difference. But, I believe acupuncture made the most difference because my circulation in my left leg was greatly improved and continues to get better and better. With better mobility there were fewer life limitations." Charles L.




"Dr. Biao Lu has been a treasured part of our family's life for fifteen wonderful years. He has masterfully guided both young and elderly family members through one crisis and problem after another with great genius and a kindness rare among human beings. His knowledge and expertise as a healer is complemented by a true desire to help in any way. Dr. Lu was instrumental in assisting our daughter to recover from a near fatal brain injury, and she will always know that The Lord blessed her abundantly. Children's Hospital of Los Angeles changed hospital policy to allow Dr. Lu to treat our daughter and has since established alternative medicine procedures for brain injuries. It is a great honor to recommend one of the most gifted acupuncturists in the world today. When you enter Dr. Lu's office, healing and caring immediately take center stage. Thank you for the opportunity to share our thoughts on a masterful doctor." - The Gerdau Family 






"Dear Dr. Lu I have been seeing you for the last ten years for the treatment of several health conditions. I had been taking antibiotics for a while and nothing seemed to help my prostate condition, so I decided to try acupuncture. I initially came to see you for my prostate problem and after only a short time of receiving treatments from you, I responded quickly, and my prostate condition had been rectified. Since then, you have helped me with several other conditions such as back and shoulder pain, colds and flu, and even tennis elbow. It still amazes me all the things acupuncture and herbal tea can treat. I still continue to see improved health and want to thank you, Dr. Lu. " Sincerely, Sam




"Dear Dr. Lu,

“Thank you for all your services, Dr. Lu. I am truly grateful for your experience and professionalism in diagnosing and treating my health conditions. As a busy professional, my time is extremely limited. I don’t have time to be sick. Your personalized therapy has kept me strong, healthy, and able to manage my business successfully. Over the years, your excellent care has helped me tremendously with my reflux disease and digestion problems, which previously no traditional doctor was able to cure. Also, you were able to diagnose and quickly treat the painful symptoms of neuropathy in my extremities. When I saw you initially, I had unexplained intense burning pain (including both hot and cold prickly sensations) on the bottom of both feet. Through a series of acupuncture and electric stimulation, I experienced amazing, immediate results. After a full course of treatment, the pain has completely subsided and so far has not returned. I am sincerely thankful to you, Dr. Lu, for your great care and personal attention. I would highly recommend you to anyone with these types of health challenges." - Kay





"Last December, my eight year old daughter became ill - sore throat, headache, sinus problems. I took her to the pediatrician where she was given a strep test that came back positive. She was prescribed an antibiotic and three days later appeared to be on the mend. Well, that didn’t last long... A couple weeks later her symptoms came back with a headache so painful, it would awaken her in the middle of the night, so back to the pediatrician we went. This time the strep test was negative, but there was visible inflammation and sensitivity on the inside and outside of her nose, as well as the center of her forehead. Sinus problems, or so we thought... With no improvement after ten days she was given another antibiotic, a bit stronger this time. After a continuing program of antibiotics and pain medication, she showed no signs of improvement. After three weeks, the doctors began to suspect something more serious might be going on. So the next three weeks were spent going through a series of tests including a CT scan with and without contrast to accurately diagnose her. Every test came back negative, and the doctors had no answers. At this point, my daughter, who had never had anything more than a minor cold, had been ill for almost three months and in severe pain with her head for six weeks straight and nothing was easing her suffering. My good friend suggested I call Dr. Biao Lu, a doctor of Chinese medicine in Los Angeles. We went to see him the next day. He asked us a series of questions, examined her, and then stated, “There is no question. She has a virus and I can help her.” Both of those statements caught me off guard. First, that he had absolutely no question about what was wrong that quickly, and second that he could help a virus… I didn’t know anything could help with a virus, but that was only because I was unfamiliar with Chinese medicine. Dr. Lu then took us into a room where he performed 25 minutes of acupuncture. (For those of you worried that acupuncture is painful or traumatic, let me share with you that my daughter is needle phobic and became hysterical when she had blood tests, but had no problem whatsoever with the acupuncture.) We were then sent home with a combination of 14 different herbs to be mixed with boiling water. This was the only difficult part… the taste and smell was strong and bitter, and initially difficult for her to drink, but about an hour after she took her first dose ALL SYMPTOMS DISAPPEARED! I couldn’t believe it! My daughter looked up with a big smile and said, “Mommy, my head doesn’t hurt anymore.” The symptoms stayed gone for the next 9 hours and then returned, but after her second dose of medicine, they disappeared... this time in about 20 minutes, and never came back. My daughter told me she thinks Dr. Lu is magic, and I tend to agree."




Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis "I have had ulcerative colitis for many years with bloody mucous and parasites in my stool. It took 4 months of regular acupuncture treatment from Dr. Lu to help. After two to three months of receiving acupuncture treatment, I almost quit because I didn’t believe it could work, and I am glad I decided to follow Dr. Lu’s recommendation and give it some more time. My stool has been normal - no more bleeding and mucous - for more than 5 months! Recently, I saw my MD for a colonoscopy, and everything was fine. I am very happy with this. Thank you Dr. Lu!" - First Time Patient




"It was somewhat by accident that I came to be a regular patient at TCM Healing Center. I found Dr. Lu’s name in a book about cosmetic surgery, where I read that he performed a technique to improve facial tone called an acupuncture facelift. I made an appointment. It wasn’t long before I realized the treasure I had come upon, and my goals soon changed from the most superficial to long term. I consider Dr. Lu to be my primary health care practitioner and have found TCM Healing Center to be a mentoring facility for my overall well-being. Since March 6, 1998, I have been a fortunate patient and student improving the course of my health and wellness through the care at TCM for close to a decade. May the wisdom that is practiced here benefit you too." - Cynthia M.




"To all prospective TCM Healing Center patients, In 1974 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis - a chronic inflammatory condition of the large colon. In 1991 I was diagnosed with PSC (primary sclerosing cholangitis) by the then head of Gastroenterology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. PSC is a relatively uncommon liver disease defined by the persistent inflammation and eventual scarring of the bile ducts of the liver. Symptoms of both diseases can include abdominal pain, feverish chills and fatigue, among others. Probably the most distressing part of PSC is that if left untreated, the average amount of time before liver failure, once one is symptomatic, was stated at 54 months. At least that was the prevailing wisdom back in 1991. As a matter of relevance, one can confirm the seriousness of this disease by looking up the story of the late, great NFL superstar from the Chicago Bears, Walter Peyton who died due to complications from PSC. Upon hearing of my PSC diagnosis I finally threw in the proverbial towel. I had to make a change in my life right away. After many months of trial and error, I finally incorporated a dietary and medicinal regimen that suited my requirements. What I also discovered was the "alternative" world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I spent a few years in the early 1990s under the care of a wise and gentle Chinese lady who was a Dr. of TCM. Her administration of acupuncture and herbal tea medicine was so gentle and effective that even I, with all of my "western" preconceptions and inhibitions, saw the very clear benefits of this long-proven therapeutic path. Before too long I had the great fortune of making Dr. Biao Lu's acquaintance. I have been a faithful and happy patient of his TCM Healing practice for over ten years now and my experience has ALWAYS been wonderful, so my ability to recommend his practice to anyone willing to look a little deeper into the healing possibilities of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a very easy one to make. Interestingly, several liver specialists have recently speculated about the possibility that I may have been misdiagnosed. Fortunately, I retained detailed records, including X-rays, to dispute such a claim. Therefore, I believe that the only plausible explanation for my current good health would be the inclusion of Dr. Biao Lu and his TCM Healing practice into my lifestyle regimen. Thank you, Dr. Lu, for everything!" - Stephen C.




" I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of cancer in my 30’s, which is particularly frightening. Western medicine prescribed an extremely dangerous and invasive surgery. I immediately opted to pursue a course of Chinese medicine. The results have been excellent. Not only am I cancer-free, my skin has completely rejuvenated and I no longer suffer from frequent colds, sinus problems, or allergies. I would strongly recommend Chinese medicine to anyone who is interested in achieving and maintaining health, as I have greatly benefited from consistent treatments and will continue to do so." - Priscilla P. 


"What can we say about Shiaoting Jing? Only that she is the reason we got pregnant and delivered our darling daughter! We had the best fertility doctor and ob/gyn, along with a terrific team at her birth, but I know we wouldn’t have succeeded on the very first try if I weren’t under the warm and gentle care of Shiaoting. She is profoundly knowledgeable of her art, and it is an art. I am in my late 40’s and understandably was having difficulty getting pregnant. When I started working with her, I was heading into menopause and had a stressful job and it just wasn’t happening. And then my mother died. With her tender, yet firm guidance, Shiao-ting got me through it all. When I was finally in a more healthy and balanced state, we went through in-vitro and, joy of joys, we got pregnant! Shiao-ting has a wonderful way about her. She not only has to be one of the best in her field, she’s an incredible person who truly cares about the people she treats. We love you Shiaoting." - Sandey, Patrick & Rory



I had been seeing Dr. Jing for fertility treatments for about 8 months. She suggested that my husband's sperm be tested at a fertility clinic, because she had a suspicion that there might be a problem on his side. The clinic results stated that my husband could not create a baby, naturally, and that our only choice was artificial insemination. Dr. Jing saw the results of the test and told us that she could help. After only 1 month of treatment for my husband, we conceived our first child, naturally. Three years later, we now have two beautiful children, and we are very happy!" - Anita 





"Shaioting and her fertility treatments were beneficial to both of our pregnancies -and to the birth of our two healthy children. Without her and her treatments, we know our road to pregnancy would have been very difficult. We have so much faith in her and her expertise. Shaioting has a passion for what she does, and it shows. She cares so deeply for her patients and for their success. We have recommended her to many people, and will continue to do so. She is a miracle worker! In addition to her fertility work, Shaioting also treats you for the first 3-4 months of pregnancy to help your baby develop and stay strong. In fact, both of our children are big, healthy, happy kids. They were both very alert and strong at a very young age - another result of Shaioting's work. I must add that she also helped to minimize morning sickness- something I am eternally grateful for......

Both my partner & I can't express just how thankful we are to Shaioting. She has seen us through so much, and we are so grateful for all she has done. We encourage anyone trying to conceive -with or without fertility treatments- to run to see Shaioting. She will help you reach your goal, and you will be so happy you did. We sure are." - Amy & Suellyn



"Words cannot describe the gratitude, respect and love I feel for Dr. Jing. She has changed my life and my husband’s life completely. After being diagnosed by Western doctors to be “infertile”, she helped me give birth to not only one but two healthy babies. Her knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Western Medicine is incredible. Her passion and compassion for patients is like no other doctors I have ever met. Her talent is a gift to all women who suffer from women’s health issues, including fertility." - Akemi 
- Akemi



"My partner Lainee and I had dreams of starting a family. After much planning we sought out a fertility clinic and begun what we thought would be an easy venture. The first 8 in-vitro fertilizations did not go well and we knew we had to seek further assistance to successfully complete our goal. Our fertility doctor suggested trying acupuncture to increase the blood flow to the uterus as well as a way of relaxing my body to prepare for implantation. He referred us to Dr. Shiaoting Jing at TCM Healing Center, and our lives would be forever changed. Dr. Jing, with her amazing bedside manner, held our hand through the entire process and helped prepare my body for the 9th in-vitro fertilization. I went to see Dr. Jing a few times a week prior to implantation. I felt an amazing sense of peace and could feel my body changing with increased blood flow - I felt like a whole new person. I had no idea that it could be my body that was unprepared to become pregnant. Dr. Jing was able to create an environment in my body that welcomed a baby. She did such a great job that after the 9th transfer, two embryos found a cozy home, and I was pregnant with twins. We continued with Dr. Jing all the way through the pregnancy and delivered twin girls 38 weeks later. We truly believe that without Dr. Jing and her unbelievable talent for what she does, we may not have had this happy ending. We are forever grateful to Dr. Jing, and today we have the family we always dreamed of. Acupuncture made all the difference in the world, and I would recommend it to anyone before, during, and after pregnancy. Thank you Dr. Jing! We could not have done it without you!!!!! We Love you!!!!!" - Laura, Lainee, Maggie and Gracie




"I can’t say enough about how much Dr. Jing helped me and my husband when we were trying to get pregnant. Not only did Dr. Jing prepare my body for pregnancy by regulating my system and reducing my overall stress level, her treatments also made a huge ovarian tumor (4-inches in diameter – doctors wanted to operate immediately) disappear in less than one month. Dr. Jing was also the very first person I called when my husband and I found out I was pregnant – not my mom, not my best friends, not my sisters, but instead, Dr. Jing. Dr. Jing’s close attention, kindness, concern, and in-depth knowledge of fertility from both an Eastern and a Western medical perspective was invaluable throughout the next 10 months, especially when she counseled me that I needed to take progesterone supplements. My own gynecologist had not carefully monitored my hormone levels, and had I not had myself tested based on Dr. Jing’s concerns, it is likely that I would have lost my baby before 10 weeks. Happily, my husband and I were blessed with a sweet healthy girl – our little Gigi – on November 8, 2005. Gigi has had 3 of her own acupuncture sessions to help her digestion and she, too, loves Dr. Jing! I’d also like to counsel every breastfeeding mom to see Dr. Jing – my milk reduced greatly after 4 months, but Dr. Jing turned that around fast. I went from producing only 2 ounces from each breast to regularly producing 3 – 4 ounces from each at every pumping session. This amazed even my lactation coach – I was happy to give her the TCM Healing Center business card to share with her other clients. We are so lucky to have found Dr. Jing, and to find ourselves with a funny, sweet, happy baby because of her assistance. We will never be able to thank her enough for all that she has done for us. We’ll say it all the same: Thank you so much, Dr. Jing!!" -Lisa U.



"Dear Dr. Jing, I am so grateful for all your help and support during a very difficult time in my life. While you were healing an abnormality in my uterus, you were constantly encouraging me that my hope to become pregnant would be realized. I am 100% positive that if it were not for your attention and care to my fertility I would not have been able to say that today I have two beautiful, healthy boys. I am so deeply grateful for all your warmth, patience and brilliance.” -Andrea



"Dear Dr. Jing, Thank you so much for all of your help in our fertility process. Working with you for our undiagnosed infertility was the best decision we ever made. As a background, my husband and I started to try to get pregnant when I was 38 and worked with my OB/GYN for a year before we were referred to a fertility specialist. We then worked with the fertility specialists and attempted multiple fertility options over an extended period of time. While going through the process without any luck, the doctors began to believe I could not get pregnant without using donor eggs. We went to another fertility specialist, and they agreed on the recommendation on the use of donor eggs. Since we'd been going to the fertility specialist for a while, we thought we should exhaust all possible options. After asking some additional questions, one of the nurses mentioned that acupuncture has also been known to be helpful. We found you through a recommendation, and your reputation definitely preceded you. We were in between fertility options and debating about whether to go through one more round of shots and procedures before investigating donor eggs when I became pregnant at age 40 and gave birth to our beautiful daughter at 41. We truly believe that your services, knowledge and positive disposition were the keys to our success. In fact, our fertility specialist said that he didn't understand exactly how acupuncture and herbal tea worked, but it definitely did. Thank you again to you and your staff. Please feel free to share this letter with prospective patients, as we wish them well with their fertility process." -Leticia B.




"I have suffered from a hormonal imbalance for most of my adult life, manifesting itself in a myriad of ways - one way being a cycle that sometimes stretched 85 days. When I came to Dr. Jing I was in my early thirties and hadn’t had a period for three years. In time, she restored hormonal balance to my body, and my cycle returned. For the first time in my life, I have a regular cycle." -Ursula W.




" I moved to Los Angeles right after 9/11 and I was very upset and anxious about what had happened in NYC, my hometown. Once in LA, I tried to get pregnant for 5 months but was so distraught that I couldn’t conceive. I went to see Dr. Jing and she gave me weekly acupuncture treatment plus a special tea to drink. After seeing her for a month, I became pregnant. Three years later, I moved to Paris and tried for a year to again get pregnant, with no luck. I called Dr. Jing from Paris and she sent me the same tea. After a month of drinking it, I conceived. Dr. Jing performs miracles." - Jennifer 


Dear Doctor Jing,

“Dear Doctor Jing, Thank you for helping my husband and I to conceive our baby with the aid of acupuncture. As you know, we had been trying for a year to get pregnant by the time I came to you for help. I wanted to conceive without the use of hormone drugs. At that time, I was 40 and you told me that you believed I would become pregnant within six months of treatment. You also encouraged my husband to have three months of treatment for his allergies. Five months after I started treatment with you, I became pregnant!! I continued acupuncture with you throughout my pregnancy and remained healthy, and I had an ideal childbirth experience. I believe that your skill as an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility helped me to become healthier overall, but specifically in a reproductive capacity. I had a healthy pregnancy and I credit this a great deal to my continued treatment with you. I am so grateful to have found you, and I would encourage anyone who is trying to conceive to consider acupuncture treatment with you.” - Bonnie




"For over 8 years, I tried to conceive, with all 5 pregnancies failing in the first trimester. I started seeing Dr. Jing for migraines. She was convinced she could not only get rid of my migraines, but also help me conceive. Within 6 weeks not only were my migraines gone, but I was pregnant as well. That was 11 years ago! I have referred many patients to Dr. Jing, many resulting in a healthy pregnancy." - Lori C.





"Dr Jing, Just a note of gratitude. For four months now you have kept me virtually free of allergy symptoms. Something a platoon of western doctors has been unable to do over many years. Thank you!" - Robert T.



"I initially sought treatment from Dr. Jing in 1998 for what I thought was a calcium spur on the bottom of my foot. It was so painful, I was limping. Dr. Jing advised me that the problem was actually hormones, and after a few weeks of treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbal teas, the lump went away. Since that time up to the present (2007), Dr. Jing has cured or kept under control any number of ailments that bothered me - from chronic allergies and sinus [issues], to digestive and respiratory conditions. Although I have asthma, I almost never had to use my inhalers because the treatments have improved my overall health so much. One medical specialist told me I would have to have sinus surgery or I would be plagued with constant sinus infections. Since receiving treatment from Dr. Jing, I have been free of sinus infections for 3 years. One friend whom I referred to Dr. Jing described the treatments as “miraculous.” There is no way to describe how different and improved one feels after being treated at TCM Healing Center. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies are truly preventive medicine, as well as being treatments without side effects." - Laura D.




Hi Shiao-Ting,

“I first met Dr. Jing shortly after my first child was born. I was having problems with the wrist on my left hand. The problem had been getting increasingly worse until I lost the ability to move my thumb. After going to three different sports doctors, getting no clear diagnosis, and facing surgery, my husband recommended Dr. Shiaoting Jing. After reading my pulse and examining my tongue, Dr. Jing confirmed that I had recently had a baby. She then explained in detail what was going on with my wrist, and why. She told me exactly how many acupuncture treatments with her I would need to fix it without having to have surgery. She also went on to tell me what else was going on with my health since I had recently given birth. After the first treatment for my wrist, I immediately regained control of my thumb. I was amazed! She was exactly right in how long it would take to completely remove the problem, and from then on, I started to see her for more and more of my general health issues. I have known Dr. Jing now for over 12 years and she has consistently diagnosed and treated problems that have later, after a series of lab tests and examinations performed by traditional western doctors, turned out to be spot on. I feel that her treatment of my overall health is directly responsible for the fact that I was able to have a very healthy, happy baby later in life without any fertility treatments. She has an extensive knowledge of both eastern and western medicine that is very apparent when she is helping you. I have recommended her to all my friends. My mother, sister, and niece all now see her as well. My sister and niece live on the east coast but make a special point to see her whenever they are in Los Angeles. She is the first person I go to when I am having any problem with my health, and I would not conceive of doing any major health procedure without consulting her first. I feel very lucky that I know about her and that she has chosen to work in Los Angeles. The only problem I have ever had with Dr. Jing is conscientiously doing what she advises me to do, but I am working on that.” - Joni J.




“Hi Dr. Jing, We wanted to thank you with all our hearts for helping us have our son. You took such great care of us from the moment we first came in. I know you are largely responsible not only for the success of my procedure and the arrival of our beautiful boy, but for what a great pregnancy I had. I loved it! I felt incredible healthy, I had no morning sickness, and I could really enjoy being pregnant and prepare joyously for Jake’s arrival. Your spirit was so comforting, and your care was phenomenal. Thank you, thank you, we love our son, and we couldn’t be happier!!” - Kathe, Jeffrey and Jake






Thanks to Dr. Lim I have my miracle baby!!

"Without Dr. Lim, I would not have been able to have my beautiful healthy little baby boy. In my situation, I was up against all odds at having a second child. In fact, my first child was conceived with a combination of aggressive fertility interventions and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We initially tried that exact same route when we wanted a second child but on the second try, that method was unsuccessful. At the age of 38, with possible signs of early menopause and a FSH of over 70 plus a high TSH, my fertility doctor no longer recommended fertility treatment. I was devastated and at a loss for what my next steps should be. I went to Dr. Lim thinking that I needed acupuncture and herbs to try to gracefully address the discomfort of early menopause symptoms. Dr. Lim was so supportive, attentive, and knowledgeable. She told me there was still hope for me to become pregnant but that we had to work hard to balance out my hormones. Within one month of treatment with Dr. Lim, I became pregnant!!! When I called my fertility doctor to request early prenatal monitoring, he initially could not believe that I became pregnant (naturally!) given all my odds. Three months later after the birth of my robust and happy baby boy, I am here to share my story of Dr. Lim's powerful work. She is an amazing doctor that truly integrates the importance of a holistic approach that includes body, mind, and nutrition. I highly recommend Dr. Florence Lim for anyone with fertility issues. She is phenomenal!!! -Anna B. 




“I am so grateful that I found TCM Healing Center. I would recommend these doctors to everyone trying to have a baby. It is very personal to write about, but I feel so strongly about how they have helped me, so I must share! I had a miscarriage about one and a half years ago. I was trying to get pregnant again and it did not happen as quickly as I would have liked. My general practitioner referred me to the TCM Healing Center. After 6 months of going to my weekly sessions and taking the daily herbs I became pregnant! Going here really helped prepare my body for the pregnancy. It felt important to have my body ready for this baby. I also feel they helped me to carry the pregnancy, as I saw them weekly through the first trimester. I am now 6 months pregnant and in a state of bliss! I see Dr. Lim, who is so knowledgeable, patient, and caring. I cannot rave enough about her! I did see Dr. Jing a couple times when Dr. Lim was out of town and she was just as wonderful. If you are looking for an acupuncturist for fertility then please visit their office. With their help, some hope, patience, and commitment to the acupuncture and herbs I believe this is the best way to go!” -Jennifer H. 




“I've been to several acupuncturists for various reasons but Dr. Lim is amazing. I was experiencing side-effects from new medication and was fearful of doing anything that could possibly worsen the situation. Dr. Lim's precision with acupuncture immediately reduced the intensity of the medication side-effects. I am so grateful!” -Jane K. 




“Drs. Lu and Lim are outstanding. Their acupuncture treatment has been invaluable to me and to my husband both in coping with a health crisis and avoiding more.” -Chloe B. 




“After three miscarriages and multiple western medicine procedures I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever conceive a child...until I went to see Dr. Jing. After my initial intake and treatment I felt hopeful. Dr. Jing saw no reason why I shouldn't be able to conceive, came up with a treatment plan and got to work! I saw her consistently and had a healthy pregnancy and baby boy. I give full credit to Dr. Jing for me being a mother today. When I wanted a second child I returned to TCM and this time I saw Dr. Lim. Another wonderful, healing, and hopeful experience. Dr. Lim was warm and compassionate and creative in her treatments. With her help, I had a second healthy pregnancy and baby girl. I am such a huge advocate of Dr. Jing and Dr. Lim. I refer my friends to them and will continue to be a loyal customer. I plan on continuing to see Dr. Lim when coughs, colds or any ailment occurs.” -Louise B.

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