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Mung Bean Lotus Seed Soup

Summer - Fall is a great time to eat light, cooling, refreshing foods to help balance out symptoms of excessive heat such as insomnia, constipation, thirst, or headaches, and replenish essential electrolytes that have been lost through sweating or being outdoors all day under the sun.

Mung Bean Lotus Seed Soup is a delicious, mildly sweet soup consisting of mung beans, lotus seeds, and job’s tears (barley). It is a great way to rehydrate yourself and cool down during the summer, and has been eaten traditionally by Chinese people as a dessert food during the summer months to treat and prevent heat conditions associated with the Summertime. The soup is also rich in nutrients and has been a popular antidote for eliminating toxins out of the body. It is therefore great for people who suffer from acne and other toxic heat skin conditions.

- The mung bean is sweet and cold in nature, and enters the lung, liver, and kidney channels to reduce water retention, clear the liver heat, brighten the eyes, and cool the lungs. It has an overall detoxifying effect and is often used for skin conditions such as acne.

- The lotus seed cools the heart, reduces tension, and calms the spirit. It is good for insomnia and anxiety.

- The job’s tears helps to dry dampness from the body and eliminate phlegm from the lungs. It is often used for lung congestion or runny, congested sinuses.

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