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One Share A Day

The benefits of Share Plums:

A TCM proverb says: “People under the apricot tree live for 1000 years.” But what happens when you eat its fruit, preferably in fermented form? Share Original Plum, a fermented fruit also known as "Chinese plum", "Green Japanese apricot" or "Ume Boshi", is a tasty snack that is rich in probiotics and 100% natural. It is fermented similarly to other fermented foods such as Kombucha and is made without any artificial preservatives. Fermentation takes place in wooden barrels for 30 months, after which they are sun-dried, then coated with a special mixture of herbs such as mulberry, yerba mate, and natural carotene extract. This fermentation continues even in the packaging until consumed!

As many of you have tried Share Plums in our office before, you already know the many benefits it can provide for you:

  • Fermentation is known to be beneficial in the digestion of food since it promotes good bacteria, makes protein more easily digested, and increases bioavailability of nutrients such as important vitamins and minerals

  • Not only is it delicious, but it is also great for those who experience constipation

  • Supports and manages weight loss

  • Promotes better skin and acne control

The best way to consume Share Plums:

As you sleep, your body has a natural cleansing process. In TCM, we always recommend sleeping early before 11:00 PM to allow your Liver Channel to do its job such as restoring the blood and eliminating toxins to help with regulating bowel movements when you wake up. Therefore, we recommend eating the fruit in the evening after dinner. We recommend starting with only half a fruit a day and drinking plenty of warm water to rehydrate your body.

How long should I take Share?

Share can actually be a permanent part of your healthy lifestyle! Some people take it every day or only as needed. We recommend starting with two weeks first and see how you feel afterwards.

Other Share products:

For a short time, Aqua d’Oro (loosely translated, means “golden water”) is available to purchase at the front desk! It serves as a prebiotic drink and contains the juices of fermented: aloe, amla, pineapple, Japanese apricot, broccoli, goji, pomegranate, guava, kamut, mangosteen, pitahaya, papaya, celery, and more.

Ask your acupuncturist or contact the front desk to try Share Plums or other Share products!

Source(s): Share Original

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